Coffee Roasters Guild events are offered year-round, bringing together the coffee industry's most knowledgeable and inspiring professional roasters. Are you a member or an interested professional roaster? Join us at our next event.


The hallmark of a Coffee Roasters Guild event is the welcoming atmosphere and encouragement of open conversation, camaraderie, and exchange of ideas. The Guild strives to create events that bring together enthusiastic professionals and foster the free exchange of thoughts, theories, and knowledge, and to build lasting relationships among the participants. Many past attendees point to these events as the source of some of their most essential professional relationships and the foundation of their knowledge as roasters.

CRG events include:

  • Trips to origin to meet producers and witness coffee production and processing

  • Opportunities to network and learn from each other, such as the annual CRG Retreat (US), CRG Camp (EU), Sensory Summit (US), and Sensory Summit (EU)

  • Ongoing education opportunities to take Coffee Skills Program courses at events around the globe

  • Community building events organized through the Member Driven Events program

SCA Events Around the Globe

The Specialty Coffee Association offers many more events for specialty coffee professionals at the local and international level. Check out the SCA’s event listing below.