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The mission of the Coffee Roasters Guild is to inspire a diverse coffee roasting community through the development and promotion of the roasting profession. We aim to achieve this mission by designing events and opportunities that focus on high-quality education and building connections within the industry. As a trade guild, we are determined to create these opportunities for every individual that roasts coffee as a profession, anywhere in the world. We create open and inclusive environments for roasting professionals to meet, connect, and grow.

We are a trade guild of the Specialty Coffee Association, created to represent the roasting profession within the SCA’s membership. Joining the SCA gives you membership with the Association and the Guild at the same time. Your joint SCA/CRG membership gives you voting power and amplifies the collective voice of coffee roasters.

Become a member today to support the nonprofit mission of the SCA and to advance the work of the CRG to grow the roasting profession, and ultimately make a difference in the whole coffee value chain.


Membership Benefits


  • Gain exclusive discounts on the Coffee Skills Program certifications including Roaster and Sensory Skills module (Intermediate and Professional level)
  • Access seminars to learn new skills and add value to your business
  • Learn how to promote quality as the principle standard for success


  • Volunteer and become more involved in the roasting community
  • Be eligible to vote in CRG elections and for the SCA Board of Directors and National Chapters
  • Be eligible to join the CRG Advisory Council, CRG Committees, and SCA Advisory Councils
  • Exchange ideas, experiences, and taste coffee with your peers


  • Gain exclusive discounts on entry to SCA events, including Expo, World of Coffee, Roasters Retreat, Roaster Camp and Sensory Summit
  • Attend SCA Origin Trips to coffee producing countries where you can meet producers and learn more about the first part of our value chain
  • Meet and engage leaders in the craft of roasting from around the world


  • Support and access cutting-edge coffee science, market research, and sustainability reports and white papers
  • Get 20% off purchases made at the SCA Store online
  • Subscription to monthly CRG member newsletter with special offers and news updates
  • Receive a complimentary subscription to 25 Magazine, the SCA’s quarterly publication
  • ...and much more!

If you are enthusiastic and dedicated to the craft of roasting, you are among friends in the Coffee Roasters Guild. Regardless of whether you've been roasting for 20 years or are just getting started in the industry, participation in the Guild will undoubtedly aid in your success and inspiration throughout your career.