We Are The Coffee Roasters Guild

The Coffee Roasters Guild (CRG) was formally announced in 2018 as a unified Guild of two heritage organizations: the Roaster Guild of Europe (RGE) and the Roasters Guild (RG), two Guilds operating under the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). All members of RGE and RG will automatically become members of the CRG, and will renew any membership as CRG membership to maintain active membership status.


About Our Heritage Guilds

The Coffee Roasters Guild, officially launched in March 2018, brings together specialty coffee roasters from around the globe with combined decades of experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to grow the craft of coffee roasting. 

Roaster Guild of Europe

The heritage RGE was an official trade guild of the heritage Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (now the SCA) dedicated to developing the specialty roasting profession through education, connectivity, and leadership. RGE launched in Dublin at World of Coffee in June 2016 and presented its inaugural European Roaster Camp in Estonia in October 2016.

Roasters Guild

The heritage RG was an official trade guild of the heritage Specialty Coffee Association of America (now the SCA) dedicated to the craft of roasting quality coffee and to promoting quality as the principle standard for success. Founded in 2000, the RG steadily grew and welcomed new members from around the globe each year.