Mission Statement

All Member Driven Events should incorporate the core values of the Coffee Roasters Guild. Forums, panels, and competitions should reflect out goals for diversity, inclusion, and representation.

Hosting your own event?

Are you member of the Coffee Roasters Guild? Let us support your efforts to connect with local coffee professionals and build your network. The Coffee Roasters Guild encourages members and their companies to hold events that support community-building and enrichment by fostering communication, understanding, and respect between members of the coffee roasting community. We provide this support in many ways, one of which is our Member Driven Events (MDE) program.

Event Criteria

  • MDE organizer must sign SCA Code of Conduct

  • Opening and/or closing remarks at event will have script provided about CRG mission & values

  • Event should have reasonable price structure that won’t limit participation

Social Media and Promotion

  • After receiving event details, Marcomms will do 1-2 social posts prior to event

    • Event organizers are then authorized to repost

  • Event organizers should encourage attendees to use #CRGMDE during event

  • Organizers must only use CRG MDE logo for all event promotion

    • Not authorized to use regular CRG logo

  • Once the event is scheduled, a package of CRG promo materials is sent to the organizers. This includes SCA brochures, Guild brochures, and buttons


Submit Your Event Information

STEP 1 : Fill out the online request form. It’s ideal to submit your request at least 1 month prior to your event date to ensure maximum exposure and participation.

STEP 2: Once we confirm your membership status, your event will be posted to the Community Events Calendar and shared your through our CRG social media accounts (follow us on Twitter and Facebook).

STEP 3: During the event, please be sure to encourage the use of the hashtag #CRGMDE so that other members can follow along.

Event Types

  • Cupping

  • Roasting Competition

  • Roaster / Café Crawl

  • Peer Tasting / Review

  • Roundtable / Forum

Venue Specifications

  • Venue shouldn’t be so noisy that it would interfere with participation

  • Should provide sufficient space and seating to comfortably accommodate anticipated audience

  • Should not limit access to attendees under 21 or those with any disabilities

  • Ideal spaces might include roasteries, cupping labs, large cafes, etc.