Nominations Are Now Open for the Coffee Roasters Guild Elections 2018-2020

Nominations Are Now Open for the Coffee Roasters Guild Elections 2018-2020

Dear Coffee Roasters Guild Members,

Nominations are now open for the 2018-2020 Coffee Roasters Guild (CRG) Advisory Council. This election is the first to take place since the unification of the Roasters Guild and Roaster Guild of Europe. This year, the CRG Advisory Council has three (3) open positions.

The 2018-2020 elections timeline is as follows:

  • Nominations: October 17-31, 2018

  • Slate Announced: November 26, 2018

  • Petition Period: November 26 to December 7, 2018

  • Voting: December 11 to January 3, 2018

  • Winners Announced: January 4, 2019

What are the responsibilities of a member of the CRG Advisory Council?

The CRG Advisory Council is a group of elected leaders who volunteer their time to the Guild who work with SCA staff to help deliver events and services to members of the coffee roasting community. Our volunteer leaders add intellectual, political, and social value to new and ongoing initiatives of the SCA, CRG, and the industry at large. Meet our current Advisory Council on our website:

Some of the general responsibilities of the Advisory Council responsibilities include: 

  • Assist SCA staff with developing strategic objectives on an annual basis, including recommendations for needed resources (e.g. budget).

  • Implement objectives and activities according to strategic plan and report report progress on ongoing initiatives to CRG members and to SCA

  • Seek to understand the needs of current CRG members and provide SCA staff with strategic input and direction on objectives

  • Provide a direct link and feedback to the SCA Board of Directors via the CRG ex-officio seat on the SCA Board of Directors

  • Attend two in-person CRGAC meetings per year, taking places in Europe and the Americas

  • Be available for virtual meetings as required (8-10 virtual meetings per year)

How does the CRG elections process work?

All nominations will be reviewed by the CRG Nominations Committee, chaired by the Immediate Past Chair Konrad Oleksak (that's me), and comprised of current CRG Advisory Council members Joanna Alm, Filip Akerblom, and Joe Marrocco; and Lisa Lawson, CRG member-at-large, and and Ellie Hudson, SCA staff.

Each nominee will be interviewed by the Nominations Committee and a slate of nominees will be selected from the nominee pool and will be announced on November 15. Email ballots will be sent to all CRG members on November 26 and the new Advisory Council members will be announced on December 18. 

To learn more about the elections process, take a look at the CRG Bylaws, available on our website:

Ready to submit a nomination?

Nominations are open from October 17-31 to CRG members. Submit a nomination using this form. Do you have questions about the elections process or the work of the Advisory Council? Email us directly at 

If you have questions about your membership number or the elections in general, feel free to contact the membership team at

Thank you for participating in this important process for the CRG, 

Konrad Oleksak
CRG Immediate Past Chair
2018-2020 Nominations Committee Chair
Founder and Co-owner of Kofi Brand

CRG Election Infographic copy-01.png
The Polls are Open for the CRG Advisory Council Elections!

The Polls are Open for the CRG Advisory Council Elections!

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