Learn About The Committees Of The CRG And Get Involved

The CRG has seven standing Committees: Communications, Competitions, Diversity, Education, Events, Membership, and Sustainability. CRG Committees are chaired by a member of the CRG Advisory Council (CRGAC) and include additional CRG members.

Membership Committee

The membership committee works with the SCA membership staff to support the development and growth of regional and individual members of the CRG.  The membership committee has the ongoing responsibility to develop and implement strategies for member retention, growth, and engagement and to facilitate ongoing communication between SCA staff, CRG leadership and communities.

Communications Committee

The communications committee supports the CRG and SCA staff in all CRG related communications by writing, facilitating, or editing accurate, up-to-date, and relevant content for all communication mediums.

Competitions Committee

The Competitions Committee collaborates with CRG, WCE, SCA Events AC and staff. The goal of Competitions Committee is to have an active role in organizing Roasters Championship on a national and world level as well as Member Driven Events (MDE’s).

Education & Research Committee

The Education & Research Committee is responsible for researching and developing emerging knowledge into educational content for CRG and CRG events, such as Camp, Sensory Summit, Retreat, World of Coffee, and Global Specialty Coffee Expo. The Education & Research Committee should formally identify liaisons and communication strategies to the SCA Research Center and the SCA Education Center. When appropriate, the CRG Education Committee can advise the Education Advisory Council on matters of formal SCA curriculum, collaboratively.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (ED&I) Committee works with the CRG and SCA staff in all CRG related diversity matters to support inclusion of members of various national, gender, cultural, ethical and professional backgrounds. The goal of the CRG ED&I Committee is to mirror the membership or aspirations of membership with respect to diversity, and the regions represented.  The ED&I committee has responsibility to track and report on diversity within the CRG membership and Council, and at activities organised by the CRG.

Sustainability Committee

The sustainability committee supports the CRG and SCA staff in all CRG related sustainability matters. Specifically, they support the gathering and dissemination of resources for sustainability in the coffee roasting industry. Additionally, the sustainability committee  has responsibility to oversee and make recommendations around sustainability within CRG activities and events.